Useful Maintenance Tips


  • Run pool pump 8-12 hours per day
  • Backwash or clean filter if pressure is above 10-15 psi
  • Clean the skimmer & pump basket
  • Keep jets facing circular and downward


  • Brush walls, steps, ladders, low circulation spots daily
  • Skim the surface daily
  • Vacuum once a week or use automatic cleaner


  • Test water 1-2 times per week
  • Balance pH and alkalinity
  • Maintain sanitizer levels
  • Shock bi-weekly

Recommendations for Water Balance

  • Chlorine- Use enough tablets and a low setting on the chlorinator to keep a reading of 2 to 4 ppm. This will provide a consistent amount of chlorine.
  • pH- Maintain your pH at around 7.4. Very high pH will promote the buildup of scale, while low pH is corrosive on the finish of most pool surfaces and equipment. Neither is good!
  • Alkalinity- To help buffer your pH, keep the alkalinity balanced in the 80-120 ppm range.
  • Calcium Hardness- It is still important to protect your pool surfaces and finishes in the winter. When the calcium is too low it can attack pool plaster, resulting in staining and etching. Too high and it will lead to deposits and stains. Maintain a minimum of 200 ppm.
  • Conditioner/Stabilizer- Maintain at least 40 ppm to reduce UV degradation of your chlorine. The winter sun is not as strong as the summer sun, so you can operate at the lower end of the range

Spring Tips

Most of us love spring and all that it entails with new growth, the sounds of nature, and warming temperatures. Unfortunately, those warming temperatures can invite new growth of the undesirable variety in your pool water. Head off potential problems before they get a foothold. Make sure your pool circulates the water properly by keeping your skimmers clear and your filters clean, so your chemical treatments are well distributed. Establish a frequent and regular cleaning schedule and scrub down the walls of the pool but be mindful in choosing an appropriate pool brush that won’t damage the wall surface. Don’t forget to keep an eye on chlorine levels, as well.

Cleaning Tips:

  • Test your swimming pool water.
  • Clean your sand filter or cartridge filter.
  • Empty the Pump and Skimmers Baskets.
  • Adjust your pool running Timers.
  • Check your Pool Gates close securely.