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I bought a $14,000 spa from Sango Pool and Spa. They did an excellent job getting the pad and electrical laid in and the spa installed in record time. The Spa itself suffered some significant manufacturers defeats and they did worked to aggressively fix my issues. When I came back still unhappy with the spa -- they had a brand new spa put in at no cost. The replacement spa has been defeat free and a pleasure to use. The owner and his personnel work hard to care for you and went above and beyond to keep me happy. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a spa or pool!
Bob - Yellow Pages

Purchase a hot tub with Sango Pool & Spa, Kevin made sure that I received my tub by Thanksgiving. Had some complications in setting the tub up but Sango Pool sent several folks out to try to determine the problem. After having a meeting of the minds thought at first it was one thing with the tub but in the end it was an electrical problem. Nothing to do with the tub itself like it was original thought. During this whole process Sango had folks out here in the freezing weather on a Saturday plus other days also. So bottom line...these folks took care of us no matter what the problem is, and I am enjoying my hot tub. Strongly recommend buying from Sango Pool and Spa.
Sandy - Insider Pages

Paul came out within 48 hours after we decided to get an inground pool. he listened to what we had in mind and started to measure for clearence. He did not try and change our mind to go what was on sale but took the time to make our pick work in our yard. We had to wait our turn to get started and the crew that paul send out busted their behinds to get the pool finished by my wifes birthday. They completed it in record time. Never had a problem with questions or calls being returned. Sango pool & spa worked a few nights till late and they worked around our time not theirs. Paul always seems to go one step above for customer loyality. Great experence all around. Highly reccomend Sango Pool & Spa for all of your needs.
Kim - Insider Pages

They saved my pool and made it with in twenty four hours I could swim!! These guys are amazing ! They test my water ever week free of charge and help me with everything I could need. They have always fixed everything in a timely manner always polite and knows all my questions before I ask! They rock it and make having a pool fun and not as stressful. The service department always helps me out with a smile on there face, I have walked in last min and Gary stayed late just to help me, not like most business that run you out! I have never been so pleased with a company! They are the best at what they do and I am blown away with how much they put into there work! I love this company if you go with them you won't be disappointed I promise you that! Thank god we have one great pull company in Clarksville
Diana - Insider Pages

Sango pool and spa has always been helpful in every way! I read some of the comments and one said to pull building permits and court records which I did! There was nothing wrong with the permits and the court thing some dumb ladie tried to sue because she had a private company poor her concret and they messed up her pool! People if you want a good pool with great care and service these are the guys to use! My motor broke and by the next day they were out fixing it! Everyone there knows about pools unlike vicki's or pals pool! And everytime I have called I get my questions meet or with in one day, never have they let me down! The guy in charge of fixing everything has made leaps and bounds to make sure I was happy! Never have they done me wrong nor any of my family or friends that have used them! Like said before you get what you pay for ! It's a great place to go for all your pool needs and if they don't have something in stock they put in for it that day and you will have it in the next week! These guys deserve a clapping hand thank you Sango pool and spa for all your help and my bussiness will never leave your side
Kim - Insider Pages

Resonable prices, honest opinions, excellent service... Need I say more. When I was shopping for my pool the salesman there told me they probally were not gonna be the cheapest but the quality and the service would easily make up for paying a little more, he encouraged shopping around but also warned me what to be careful of if I purchased a pool from one of the big box stores. Such has hidden charges, dig fees, milage fees, and selling me private lable equipment that require expensive replacement parts that can only be purchased all the way in Nashville. After shopping around and comparing apples to apples I found the quality of there products and there customer service clearly made up for paying a little more. Bottom line you get what you pay for. They also offered the best warranty and pool school to show me how to maintain my new pool strangely enough they allowed people who bought there pool in Nashville to come to this class too. I guess they feel sorry for them. Don't be fooled by the big box store and support your local buisness's you won't be let down.
Janice - Insider Pages

Sango Pool and Spa has always been very helpful in all my pool needs. The Full time employees are well trained and don't try to sell you bull if they don't know they will try to find out. I did my research before choosing to use them and i just want to say that you can't judge a company by one persons good or bad experiances. My neighbors had a beautiful inground pool put in, in what i felt was a timely manor. They weren't around when i bought my pool or i would have gladly chose to use them. I just want people to realize that sometimes the customers are not gonna be happy no matter what you do and some reviews sound worse than what the experiance really was just to make them loose business, as i am a small business owner myself. Just sayin don't knock em til you try em!
Michael - Insider Pages

I purchased my pool a few months ago and have had great customer service since. I was concerned about the slope in my yard. They came out and viewed my property first before selling me a pool. The setup took 1 day and we were swimming 3 days later. The pool school was great! All the staff are very friendly and address any concerns I have immediatley. They check your water for free and recommend chemicals. They are very conservative in this area. I enjoy working with them to keep my pool a happy one!
Shelly - Insider Pages

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