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Not only does Sango Pool & Spa offer quality, customized pools and hot tubs, we also offer complete outdoor renovations for you and your family. Whether you looking for an outdoor kitchen, grill, or firepit, we will work with you every step of the way to create your family’s dream outdoor oasis.


Pergolas are a great way to avoid the sun’s harmful rays without sacrificing the pleasure of the fresh air and view of the sky. They create a safe and comfortable area for you and your family to relax. We use eight posts to create a 10’ x 10’ to an 18’ x 18’ pergola that is customized to your outdoor oasis to enhance outdoor living.N

Fireplaces and Firepits

If you’re looking for a cozy place for your family to relax outdoors, Sango Pool & Spa has numerous options for the perfect gathering place with quality fireplaces and firepits. Our fireplaces and firepits offer a beautiful central piece to your outdoor oasis. We can customize what is right for you and your family with any design you would like as we work with you step by step to create your dream backyard.

Outdoor Kitchens

Summer is a great time to cook outdoors with your family. We can create a perfect outdoor kitchen to match your needs and style preferences. With customizable outdoor kitchen islands, you can maximize space and design with perfect appliances to create wonderful summertime meals in the privacy of your own backyard

Outdoor kitchens don't require a huge space available to be functional. Sango Pool and Spa will work with you and your outdoor area to design the perfect outdoor cooking area. Outdoor kitchens can be installed in conjunction with pergolas, fire pits, fireplaces, and new pools; or added to already existing areas.

Primo Ceramic Grills

Sango Pool & Spa is proud to offer a collection of Primo Ceramic Grills. These innovative and unique grills will transform your grilling and enhance your outdoor space more than ever before. Primo Ceramic Grills are proudly made in the United States and feature the patented oval shape design that improves grill performance and enhances the flavor of your food.

Some of the unique benefits of Primo Ceramic Grills are:

Patented Oval Shape
The oval shape increases the available space in the grill. Heat is dispersed more effectively, improving flavor and shortening cooking times. The oval design gives you the option to cook large or small amounts of food at once, proving Primo Ceramic Grills to be the new standard in outdoor cooking.
Better Flavor
Premium ceramics help food retain its moisture while providing true charcoal flavor.
Temperature Control
Primo Ceramic Grills have a wide temperature range that allows you to cook food slowly for hours or quickly for sizzling flavor.
Low Maintenance
The grills act like self-cleaning ovens, so maintenance is low as the grills take care of themselves.
Weather Resistant
Primo grills are built for the outdoors, so they can withstand extreme climates so you can enjoy outdoor cooking for years to come.

There are many models of Primo Grills for you to choose from. Each model offers its own unique and cutting-edge benefits.

Primo Oval XL 400

This model offer the largest amount of cooking space with its 400 sq. in. cooking area. It features premium-grade ceramics with Primo’s patented oval shape.

Primo Oval LG 300

This grill is ideal for cooking large amounts of food. It features an extended rack system to increase the grill’s cooking area to 495 sq. ft. while ensuring great tasting meals with premium-grade ceramics.

Primo Oval JR 200

This smaller Primo grill actually offers more space than its appearance. It has a total cooking area of 360 sq. in. and is perfect as a complement to your gas grill or for use as a primary grill.

Primo Kamado All-In-One

This traditional 18.5’’ round Kamado style ceramic grill is an all-in-one grill bundle that includes everything you need to create perfect outdoor meals. The bundle comes with side tables, grate lifter, cradle stand, an ash tool, and of course, your premium ceramic grill.

Primo Accessories

There are many accessories available for your Primo Ceramic Grill to enhance your outdoor cooking:

  • Heat deflector plates
  • Extension racks
  • Primo brand charcoal- 100% natural lump
  • Baking/pizza stones
  • Quick light fire starters
  • Rib racks
  • Grill covers
  • Remote thermometer
  • Cast iron grate or griddle
  • Sauces and rubs specially developed by Primo

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